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7 Limos, is a premium chauffeur car service located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our company is dedicated to providing you professional and experienced service. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, reasonable prices and our professional PAX Certified drivers. As a family owned company, we focus on our customers safety and travel experience, while still providing a reasonable price. 

7 Limos was founded by Ting Insixiengmay & sons. His love for the car service business started when he first experienced a chauffeur car service in a Lincoln Town car, with a friend in the summer of 2011. He soon understood the need for premium chauffeurs in the growing Twin Cities area and brought in his two brothers Tune and Ket to begin offering their own chauffeured car service. As a family, they expanded to multiple vehicles and began growing the 7Limos family. We currently have a strong fleet dedicated to sharing Ting’s vision of Price, Performance and Delivery.

7 Limos is an ever-expanding premium chauffeur car service dedicated to the chauffeur car service experience. We service all 7 metro counties including the Twin Cities, Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

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